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For information, resources and general questions related to public health, please call Sarah, Nurse Educator @ 765-762-3038 ext 7.

Thinking about quitting smoking or chewing? There is no better time than now to start leading a healthier and richer life. Click on the link for more information

JANUARY 10 - FEBRUARY 21, 2017 

Community Action Program, Covington | Covington, IN


Congratulations! If you are thinking about quitting smoking, you’ve taken the first step to quitting for good.

Freedom From Smoking®, the leading adult smoking cessation program for over 30 years, shows you how to quit in a safe, supportive environment. You’ll be given the tools and resources to overcome your tobacco addiction so you can enjoy the benefits of better health, extra money in your pocket and healthier relationships.

The upcoming Freedom From Smoking® Clinic will be held on January 10 - February 21 at the Community Action Program, Covington in Covington.

Clinic sessions will be on Tuesday evenings from 7 PM to 9 PM.

Registration is required to attend. Space is limited. Please contact clinic facilitator Kathy Walker via 765-793-4881 or for pricing and registration.

Community Action Program, Covington
418 Washington St
Covington, IN 47932

A big reason why people do not put their health first is that is seems too overwhelming...

Home cooked meals every night? 1 hour workouts? Carbs vs. No Carbs? Strength Training or Cardio?

It can be much simpler if you take small steps one at a time. Please click on the link below for some suggestions on how to live a little healthier. Try one today!